Heaven like

The painter of this beautiful piece is Dr. Anju Joseph.

Long gone

Gone are the butterflies in the stomachWounded they lay on the sand Fluttering still with the hope of rising again Gone are the winds that once soothed my heartNow flowing past meCasting no spell Gone are the days when hues of love filled the skiesThe birds no longer sing tales of glory but despair Gone…

Find a sea to dive into, when the land seems treacherous

Having resumed Calligraphy after a break of almost five to six months, there’s this initial starting trouble because of which my art might not come out exactly as I intend to exhibit. Excuse me for the imperfections if any. 😬 Just getting started all over again… Oh and before the title is misinterpreted I’d like…

Mirage of Perfection

Life’s not a bed of roses, situations aren’t always favorable, people aren’t always behaving according to our expectations. We’re surrounded by imperfections. Demanding perfection summons depression! There are no perfect parents, children, spouses, jobs, relationships, communities or countries. You can not make every single person happy. Perfection is an inexistent concept. In the middle of…

Free me love

This is the fourth and final part of the series “A Melancholic Song“. Broken heartRheumy eyesSilent screamsChoking chordsCrippling woundsA seemingly unending miseryAn intense desire to be numbedI stood there in anticipationWaiting to be relieved from my painsHaving heard self infliction is a sinI longed from the depths of my heartOnly if someone loved me enoughTo…

A concise chat

This is the third part of the series “A Melancholic Song”.

Your kind of love

This is the second poem of my series titled “A Melancholic Song “.

A Melancholic Song

I intend to publish four poems under the series titled ” A Melancholic Song “. This is the first poem of the series.

Peace that frees

When we encounter challenges in life, we often tend to carry a multitude of questions in our hearts, and our minds just wouldn’t stop blabbering within themselves. We often set sail, to discover the answers of the many unattended questions, to dive deep into the unknown, to see things that lie way beyond human vision….