Passive purification

Sometimes God will let you go through immense pain, just to make you realise, that you are nothing without him, that no one can ever love you more than him, that we can solely rely on God, and that he has a purpose to allow pain in life.

He moulds us, changes us, through painful instances. Allow him to form you. Loosen yourself. Be the clay in the hands of a thoughtful Potter.

Often we would want to question God’s decision for our lives. We want to undo our past, not knowing that he’s already made the path for us. There’ll be thorns throughout the way, but we ought to be resilient.

Be hopeful and joyous when you suffer in one way or the other, because this way you’re being passively purified. Only the chosen people of God will experience the privilege of being spiritually purified through sufferings.

If you are in pain today, if you’re suffering today, be glad and shout with joy, be certain that the Lord has thought of you, wants to make you like him, and that you are very dear to him ❤️

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