The Living Word of God

It’s a beautiful day today! No matter what you are going through, proclaim this today.

We are spiritually blind to see the potential good in the waiting, in the pain, in the rejection. But believe today, that something beautiful, something amazing is happening in your lives this very moment. That the creator is working behind the scenes for you, making your paths straight, walking ahead of you. God is never late! It’s you who are are in a hurry. While he is at work, all you need to do is to just lie down peacefully in the green pastures, beside still waters.

He makes me lie down in green pastures,
he leads me beside quiet waters (Psalms 23:2)

When you feel you are in the midst of storms, invite Jesus in your boat. Irrespective of the chaos around you, you will find comfort and peace when Jesus is in your boat. You don’t have to deal with that all alone! (Refer to Mathew 8:24-26)

You are not made to carry all your burdens but to cast your burdens! Give them to the Lord and rest knowing that you and all the matters that concern you, are in safe hands. You can not feel at ease unless you learn to trust God and surrender yourself completely to him. I bet the confidence in the love of the sovereign Lord should drive away all your worries.

When you are feeling anxious about a hundred things, just look at the birds!

When you see the birds in the air, you ought to recollect the verse that says

My testimony: There was a time when Anxiety was my instant response to every little change or stressor. I tried all the possible solutions I could resort to, that felt would be of some help. All in vain. It was unbelievably tiring and sucked all the energy out of me. I sought God much later; after I was tired of exploiting all the worldly methods to get rid of my anxious nature. I was already a bible reader back then, but didn’t quite meditate on it, and that makes all the difference! I started to recall the promises of God, the word of God, all throughout the day. I started to pray more fervently in tears, asking ( in fact begging!) God to change me! I don’t remember exactly how much time did it take for me to actually see the change in me. But the truth is I DID SEE A CHANGE, SOONER THAN I EVER IMAGINED! He did rescue me from the clutches of Anxiety which clearly indicates that God is not deaf because he did hear my plea and the word of the Lord, and his promises, did comfort me! Whenever I see the birds in the air, it reminds me of his unfailing love and promise that he’d take care for me, provide me with all that I need at the right time, right place. The more I meditated upon it, the more I experienced peace and comfort within me, even when I felt I had a hundred things to figure out. I realised that my worry is not adding any good in my life, but only weakening me. I started to ponder deeply about all the good things that God has caused in my life before. All those times when I would not have been able to do certain things without his intervention. All those situations from which I would not have been able to escape had Jesus not been there! I started to reminisce all those moments when I experienced his divine intervention. I realised that he’s been with me, talking to me in several ways, saving me, guiding me, leading me through thick and thin all this time! He has comforted me even when I failed to call on to him. He has given me all that I ever needed. I had no reason to worry, for he has plans for me.

Now there is a difference between what you need and what you want. Ask of the father what you want, and he shall give it to you if he wills it for you. You wouldn’t give a knife to a one year child because you know it’s life threatening. He’s you spiritual father, your creator. He knows what to give you and what not to give. He’s a loving father. Things take time. You got to have loads of patience and unconditional trust when you’re asking God to intervene in your matters. Your timing and his timing might not necessarily match. But know that when he has laid his hand on something, there’s no way it won’t prosper.

The purpose of this write-up was simply to convey that you don’t have to look for comfort and answers for your questions elsewhere, when you have a Bible at hand. God talks through it. Meditate on his promises, his words repeatedly, and trust God unconditionally unceasingly. Throughout the Gospel, God is giving us an assurance that he has been, is and will be every present in our lives, as our comfort, strength, joy, unconditional peace and as our sole hope for eternity!

And always remember “We walk by faith, not by sight”.

As you follow the word of God closely you are going to experience God on a whole new level!

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  1. Ashi Joseph says:

    Glad to know 🤗🥰


  2. shadawss shadawss says:

    This makes me peaceful

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  3. Janet Joseph says:

    Good Job Ashiii. Fantastic write-ups! Thank you for lightening up my mood ❤️
    God bless you 💥


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