The Jealous God

Do not despise the ones who hurt you.

See it this way.
They’re meant to bring you closer to God! They’re forcing you to approach him in case you otherwise don’t.

Thank him when you’re hurt in any way, for that’s when you’ll be knowing for sure, that he’s calling you, to spend some quality time with him! He wants you to remember him. Even if it is for a split second.

Have you ever stubbed your toe and yelled out a blasphemous word impulsively? Rather, choose to yell “Thank God!!!”. That’s surely going to be an epic moment! 😀

He’s inviting you to pour out your heart in front of him. He wants to have that sweet bonding time with you.

He’s a jealous God who can’t stand the sight of you getting separated from him. Even for a little while!

He loves all of you, he wants all of you 💜 And no amount of time together, would suffice for him. He’s got all the time in the world for you 💜

What else must you desire but to witness the love of the almighty himself ?

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  1. Janet Joseph says:

    We indeed serve a jealous God. Aww how sweet is his posessiveness!! The creator himself being posessive about his beloved children .. beyond one’s imagination!!! awesome read Ashi 💥 God bless you!

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