What good comes from my suffering?

Do not fret when you are faced with trying times. Do not brood and do not think that nothing good is going to arise from that suffering. It is not a perpetual state of despair.

Have you wondered what possible good is going to arise from this pain?

Every suffering increases resilience, threshold pain, builds character and creativity. Every unfavorable experience teaches you how to be at your best the next time someone or something tries to overpower you. It prepares you for the next battle of life which might need the character you developed into, the weapons you amassed and the strength you gained in your previous battle. The sufferings might lead you to discover your inner potentials. It can teach you things you would never have dreamt of. It can sow the seeds of creativity, which possibly might turn into your passion and might even become the greatest of your strengths. Sufferings might teach you things that you otherwise would not have learned.

It gives you wisdom to counsel those who’re going through the same as you once did. You can turn out to be a great comfort for someone.

That narrow road could be scary, hard to walk through, but is probably the best and safest means to reach your destination. You will have all that it takes to make it there !So do not be disheartened. Do not lose hope. Stay strong and hopeful in the Lord.

The Lord your God will go with you wherever you go… ❤️

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