Misery Unveiled

World mental health day is observed on the 10th of October every year, with the objective of raising awareness of the mental health issues around the world, that many people are ignorant about. Mental health determines your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and is crucial at every stage of human life. It is equally important as physical health.

With this write up I wish to present the reality before you. It’s a mere attempt to escort the feelings, emotions and thought-process of the sufferers, into spot-light hoping to arouse understanding, compassion, sympathy, love, attention and care for the fellow human beings.

Unending tale of suffering

Unending trail of sorrow

Unending trials of life

Unending insecurities

Unending attempt to borrow joy

Unending struggle to perceive bliss in whatever done, wherever being

Unending endeavor to prove self worth

Unending endeavor to love life as it is

Unending wait for transformation

Unending craving for validation

Unending desire to be heard and cared for

Unending hunger for peace

And an unending thirst for love in return for love!

In this myriad world of ours,

Yes there are innumerable silent sufferers,

Crying behind closed doors,

Suppressing their profound feelings deep within their hearts, 

Disguising agony as if it were a clandestine crime,

Obscuring scars that are deemed as a token of manifold failures,

Incessantly struggling to learn to live life with all of their consciousness,

Incessantly grappling to learn to love on other’s conditions,

Incessantly fighting with their own inner demons!

The world demands your mercy, and kindness,

The world yearns for love and selflessness!

Wish every heart was gentle!

Wish every being knew compassion,

Wish the world knew of the unseen and untold battles fought under the rugs!

Wish every soul willed to be a saviour!

The world then would have become a yet more beautiful dwelling place! 

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