You’re there

In the stillness of my heart,

In the loquacity of my mind,

In the pounding of my heart,

In the tranquility of my mind


You’re there,

In the waves of the beach someday we’ll walk along,

In the abyss of darkness,

In the finest beam of sunshine,

In the breeze that blows past me


You’re there,

In every note of the music that enthrals me

In that fragrance so sweet!

In my near and distant dreams,

In my now and my eternity


You’re there,

In my smiles

And my tears alike

Holding me in my faintest moments,

And in the moments of pride and joy alike


You’re there in the sound of the pendulum

That reminds of our unfinished story

That reminds of our wedding bells

That are still waiting to be rung!


You are like a mirage I relentlessly follow

You are the one in a million

You are the prince charming of every tale and every dream,

You are everything a princess ever needs!

You are the topaz,

And you are the gem, I’d ornate myself with

You are one in a million

You are all that I’ve ever dreamt of,

You are everything I will ever need!

Forever yours ❤️

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  1. This is lovely Ashi 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ashi Joseph says:

      Thank you so much🙌🤗🥰


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