At the drop of a pin she cried,

Dreading to see another dawn,

For the fear of being shattered again and again,

All throughout the day.

With the constant and the unnecessary chattering of mind,

With the heart so weak that can barely stand a little tweak!

Desperately finding reasons to live,

Struggling to fasten herself to happiness and peace.


With a wee bit of hope in all the possible goodness that exists,

She wriggles out of her bed,

Just to find herself amidst the thorns and

The everyday storms that life ruthlessly bestows on her!

A stranger in her own house,

An assassin of her soul,

Sore in her own skin, she was.

Apologising every moment, for the actions and the words,

That her feeble soul spilled, and spelled out of her feeble body!


O how she longed for the unconditional peace and bliss.

A never quenching thirst to know the cause of her sufferings,

Each day, going around the world, hunting for answers to her infinite questions,

Seeking solutions to her infinite problems.

Little did she know,

She wouldn’t find it!


Every morning she wakes up with the mind of a warrior,

Preparing mentally, to fight through the day.

Taking life as if it were an endless battle,

Assuming that’s what she’s been eternally called for!


Only if she could accept once and for all,

That life can never be picture perfect,

That disappointments can never be kept at bay,

That expectations should not be allowed to come any closer,

That she is meant to suffer in the spiritual realm,

So as to experience greater glory, when the time comes.


Only if she could accept,

That emotions has no place in this world,

That sensitive hearts can scarcely survive in this world,

That fighting the good fight until demise, is the only option!


For once if she had believed,

That the peace and happiness transcending from all that lies outside of her, is nothing but,

Just a temporary deal!

For once had she known,

That it’s not a mortal man,

Nor a mediocre success,

But her own mind,

That’ll come riding for his damsel in distress,

As her knight in the shining armour!

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