Word Of Honour

You think you are ready for the change that you think, you deserve.
It could be the job you’ve been looking for, change of residence, a business deal you wanted to sign, or it could even be the wedding you’ve been desperately waiting for.
You need to know, that it is the Lord who knows when you are ready for that change you’ve been seeking all this while.

It is God who equips you to do the things you need to do every single day.

He is the one who direct your steps. He is the provider of all.
He knows what you need, how much and when.
Wherever you are today is because he has placed you there.
And whatever you possess is because he knows it’s sufficient for you.
He is an all knowing God.

Your God is much bigger than the things you’re concerned about. And he has certainly created you for a greater purpose that you may never discern as long as you walk the earth.
Don’t make him so small!
Rest peacefully in the assurance that no one, but GOD is in control of your life!
The very God, who created the universe, calls each one of us by name and cares for us. Know that he has plans for our prosperity and never for our destruction. This is the promise he has made to his children. And he who promised, is faithful.

Our ways may not be his ways. And we may never understand why some things happen. But be assured there is a God who knows nothing but justice, and above all loves all of his children dearly. So why the worry?

“Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?”

If he has brought you this far, trust that he’s going to lead you further and there is nothing on this earth that can stop God’s plan from manifesting.
The day you start trusting, having rock solid faith, no disaster can wreck your soul.
You will have the abundant joy of the Lord.
You’ll still rejoice in the Lord.
You will experience the peace of the Lord.
And you will thank him at all times!

Next time ye worry,
Just look at the bird, doesn’t matter how wee!

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