The Mother’s Way

The Mother’s Way

Have you ever seen a mother swing, rock, swaddle and cradle her baby when he’s crying? Do you remember whenever you were hurt and sought consolation; it was your mother you always rushed to.

You do all that you can, to calm the crying baby! You want to console him. You make faces, hand them over their toys, play with them and make all the possible attempts to cheer up the baby.

But what would you do if baby is YOU? How do you console yourself when you’re hurt and crying within yourselves?

Taming the emotions is an integral part of the mental well-being of every individual. Mental health is often overlooked, unaddressed and doesn’t get the attention it deserves. And so I would like to present a diminutive part of this discipline to the world.

I discovered a way one could possibly calm your inner self at the moment of turmoil. This may work, or may not work for you depending on your mental state at that time. Let’s suppose it works, kudos to you, for having the will power to try something out, to better yourself, rather than leaving the wounds unattended and uncared for. If it doesn’t work, I insist you to keep exploring and trying other means until you feel better because, YOU ARE ALL, THAT YOU WILL HAVE FOR YOURSELF AT THE END OF THE DAY! You should discover your own ways to pacify your heart and mind regardless of what life throws at you at any point of time. People change, seasons change. All that you can control at all is yourselves and your emotions. And so

“One needs to master the art of being happy.”

This is a method which doesn’t exist in the literature as per my knowledge. (Correct me if a theory similar to this does exist! I’d be delighted to know that I’ve discovered this concept all by myself :p). So here’s the method which I’ve termed it as “The Mother’s Way”.

When you experience pain, hurt, anxiousness or any sort of mental discomfort, consider and imagine your soul as a baby and become a mother to yourself at the same time. Close your eyes and pat your heart several times, exactly as you would do to pacify the child. As you lovingly pat yourself, keep saying a few words of affirmation to this little baby! For instance, “Everything is fine”, “Everything is going to be okay baby”, “Be calm”. Not remaining confined to these, say all that you think can console you! And as you do that, imagine a crying baby getting calmer and calmer and eventually falling asleep in your arms. A mental image of the peaceful baby, you just rocked and cradled in your arms, should calm your nerves and bring you at ease. Continue to have that image in mind for some time. Don’t shove it off the very next moment after having experienced the tranquility. You might experience moments of inner serenity and relaxation of the tensed up muscles. You should feel proud of yourself as you successfully calm the crying baby within you! You can try this technique as and when you feel tensed up, anxious or hurt.

Do give it a shot first and if you feel this ain’t your thing, you can try either of the practices mentioned below:

1) Indulge in any of your hobbies right away!

2) Sing yourself or play, a lullaby, or a song that elevates your mood. Just dive into the beats of the music, lose yourself into it. It shall certainly divert your attention from the unnecessary undeserved pains you carry.

3) Have your favorite delicacy. It could be a Cup of Joe or a Cup of Cake or anything you relish!

4) Journalise your feelings. Every bit of it! You may consider this as an opportunity to vent. If you fear the privacy of your physical journal, may be you can have a password protected E-journal. Either you can use the applications specially designed for the same, or you can vent it out in the word document and encrypt it.

5) Exercise or Yoga 40 minutes a day helps regulate your hormones and hence your emotions. It really does. If it doesn’t work exactly as I am claiming, at least it will break down those stubborn fats of your body for sure!

I agree there are innumerable methods out there for your reference. But I am writing this to testify for some of the ways and means that has worked for me and a few people I know closely. After having tried, if neither of the above mentioned approaches works for you, maybe you should continue to discover your sources of bliss and consolation and stop not, until you’ve found one or two. If you are struggling and haven’t even started yet, then probably this is the time to take up this journey! Stay healthy, Stay blessed.

*Please note that I am not a health professional. The article is written purely based on experiences. In case you suffer from chronic anxiety or depression, do not hesitate to seek help from a professional.

There’s a surprise for the readers out there! I have an e-book authored by David D Burns named, Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy. This book introduces the short term therapy technique called as the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Those who are interested to read this book can comment in this blog asking for the same.

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  1. Joel says:

    I would like to have the book please 🙂 I will get in touch with you for that. Thanking you for sharing such beautiful thoughts and experiences. Loved it 🙂


    1. Ashi Joseph says:

      Thank you so much Joel. 😊 Sure. I shall arrange to send you the ebook 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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