Waiting for thy lead

Here I am Lord,

In the middle of the barren desert,

Standing here, waiting for thy lead!


There isn’t a single leaf,

There isn’t a sound!

But that of the scorching wind!

There isn’t a single being,

In this wide expanse of wilderness,

But hollowness and me!


There isn’t any angel coming,

There isn’t any star guiding,

There isn’t a single mark,

To lead the despairing me!


Why has thou abandoned me?

I have surrendered myself to thee,

Every path thou created,

Every step thou directed,

Thou have brought me here,

And I believe,

Thou shall take me further.


Doesn’t matter how long it takes,

Doesn’t matter, the extent of perseverance it takes,

I’d stand right here,

Waiting for thy lead!

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