Get the Writer’s perspective right!


This article aims to introduce and clarify altogether, a different angle of, the world of writing and the life of writers, as many folks are mistaken! They do not just write about their own emotions and experiences!

But even those emotions, those experiences that has never been a part of her own life. She just borrows it from the characters of the story she’s built in her mind!


She might not have experienced love, but can still write about love.

She might not have put up with the torments that life usually throws at people, but can still write about them for she knows what it would be like, to lose peace and joy in life!

She might not have despised anyone, but can still write about the enmities and the wars that break out!

She might not be a mother yet, but can still write about how it feels to be one, as her unshakable faith and an unfailing hope would cause her to express her deepest desires!

She might not have lost her dear one, but she knows the pain of losing one!

She has the power to create a world of her own, recreate the existing world, destroy the world she formed herself and can destroy the very existent world as well!

All by her imaginations, all through her words!

“Who says the writer must have experienced all that he wrote?”

When the writer composes poems or writes fiction, he tunes in, wraps himself with the emotions he needs to input in his writing.

When he writes he dresses an outer emotional layer and allows the emotions to penetrate him. A true writer writes from the heart and with a naked soul. A writer has the magical, extraordinary power to wear the skin of any character he has in mind, and aspires to bring it out, and portray it to the world!

A writer can create something out of nothing real as such, but his own imaginations, his innermost desires and even the lives of the people he is girdled with. A writer is a magician who can evoke the feelings of the readers just by playing with the words that are very present in the English Dictionary!

Yes, “They are word jugglers!”

If a writer writes about a girl who was abused, doesn’t mean she was abused herself! For she being a girl, apparently knows how it would feel to be abused and hence could write about it!

It would be so off beam to interpret that she’s been through that hell. Though she would have been, when she wore the skin of that girl herself to draw out her agony to the people and the society, we are living in.

To awaken the dormant hearts, to mend the hearts of the gruesome people, to give solace to the broken hearted victims.

She wants to present the distinct, secluded parts of the world to the whole world! 

Judge not her character, based on what he writes, rather take a glimpse of her soul that craves to reach out to people, decipher their minds and hearts, and touch their lives!

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