Life perhaps might have been too harsh on you,

Might have taught lessons the hard way too!

If you’ve faced the perilous storms of life,

And you still possess hope,

Despite the miseries of life,

If you still have held the hope from perishing,

You are no less heroic!

Hold fast the strings of hope,

Give no man, the power to destroy it and elope,

Give no circumstance, the dominion to overpower you,

Give no man, enough discretion to steal the precious gift of joy from you!

For hope is the foundation and anchor of every single being,

Hope is the saviour of the soul,

And the very basis of your existence.

Hold fast on to the indefinite and unconditional hope,

For it shall determine your destiny.

Hope is the mighty shield, that’ll defend you from the snares of the enemy.

It allows one to see and walk through utter darkness,

It allows one to encounter stillness,

Allows one to experience fleeting moments of brightness.

Dearth of hope certainly shatters the future,

But just the right of amount of hope, shall for eternity cause you to triumph!

Ashi J

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