Sailed through

Suffering or pain,

Hatred or prejudice,

Indifference or rejection,

Betrayal or accusation,

Ignorance or partiality,

She’s had it all.

She’s witnessed it closely.

She’s managed to sail through them all,

Though it all seemed impossible initially.

She was determined to conquer her conventional thoughts,

She was determined to challenge her thoughts,

She promised to defeat the person she was,

She promised to guard herself from the overpowering emotions,

She could not afford to let the depraved memories take charge of her,

She promised she would not let her dark past ruin her,

She promised to not brood about it

Neither in present, nor in the future.

She promised to live each day with utmost love and joy,

With not a speck of guilt and remorse.

She promised to become better with each passing day.

She promised to make her existence worthwhile.

She was ready for the renaissance.

Ready to live a new life,

With a stronger heart,

And a stronger mind,

She once again gambled for love,

To love and be loved all over again,

Trust all over again,

And with an unfailing steadfast hope,

Live a new life all over again!

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