Ever paid attention to the small details of life? Small details of nature ?
Does that bring you to a state of euphoria? Ever given you butterflies in your stomach? Do they make you forget all your worries and anxieties at least for a moment?

If not, well it’s time to cherish even the details you count as trivial!
It would be as refreshing as the morning dew!
It could be,
The sparkling rain drop on a leaf,
Or those gently touching your skin,
Raindrops falling off the edge of a leaf,
Or the old tin roof,
The birds flapping their wings like a song being sung in chorus,

The playful clouds burying the sun during the day,
Blurring the vision of the shimmering moon at night!

A feel of the soft gentle breeze crossing your face,
The first ray of sunshine kissing your cheeks,
The wings of the butterfly resting on a petal,
Or the grass dancing to the tunes of the wind!
The chirping sound of the birds,
Or the sound of the rustling leaves..

A weary smile on the face of the vagrant you feed
Or that blithe smile on the face of a child being offered a sweet.
Probably an ample of these go unnoticed,
A handful of them yet to be discovered!
The beauty of the heaven above and even under our feet!

Why should you wait then, for the rainbow that awaits monsoon!
When you are encompassed by the abundant gifts of nature to take solace in!
Why even that one moment of hopelessness and feeling of being unloved ?

When you’re wrapped in the grace, mercy, and the love of your creator ?

Ashi J.

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  1. Elizabeth Joseph says:

    Beautiful poem Ashi. Keep writing

    Liked by 1 person

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