A state of trance

The sunshine falling on the ground,

Passing through the canopy of the trees,

The vibrant butterflies flying all over the place,

And those beautiful shadows,

Of the butterflies and the leaves!

The sounds of the birds chirping and the rustling of the leaves,

The white winged doves wandering around me,

And the music backdrops that brings about an inner healing in me.

Carrying with myself,

An enlightening book,

Teaching me the ways of life,

Mind has often being taken to the seasons that have already elapsed.

I sit there,

Cherishing some handful of memories flooding my mind…

With a steaming cup of coffee,

That stirs my soul,

And the gentle breeze blowing past me,

Entangling my hairs, and spreading it all over my face.

Whilst savouring some moments of silent contemplation,

Gradually, I found myself lifting from the state of mediocrity,

This isn’t all I feel grateful for,

This isn’t all that fascinates me,

There’s a lot more that I take pleasure in,

There’s a lot more that makes me want to sing,

A lot more that uplifts my mood

Nurtures my soul,

Lessens my strife’s,

Brings forth joy in my heart and peace of mind!

There’s lot more

That the mind struggles to put down in words,

But have miserably failed,

Because some things just can’t be expressed in words,

But can only be felt!

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