You could steal my day

You are unique
No wonder !
For you could steal a part of my day,
From the time I met you till this very moment..!

You ain’t ordinary I know,
Coz you never fail to make me think some more about myself and change my perceptions…
You never fail to show me the uniqueness an individual can carry with one self..!
You ain’t among the ordinaries I know,
Coz yes you do have the capability to steal my day!
And occupy a significant portion of my mind… !
You could barge into my mind, like granules of distraction,
while I am already occupied with something that needs my urgent attention… !
By this little piece of expression
All I wanted to convey is that
No matter what you think of yourself..
No matter what image you hold of yourself..!
No matter how much you pull yourself down,
No matter how much you try,
You just can’t change my views about you…
Just can’t change my perceptions about you…
And I just can’t pretend that I haven’t seen the most beautiful part of this beautiful soul, which is you !

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