The lion I know 

I know a lion

Independent and strong,

Even though he parted from his lioness,

Stood courageous and dared to start afresh….

A new life,

A life without his love …

The word ‘love’ which meant nothing to him anymore…

He’s grateful to her and can never forget her though,

For she taught him the meaning of love,

She taught him how to love,

She was his life,

He was her life too..

He longed for her as the deer pines for the water..

And so did she.

He longed to be in her arms…

And never ever leave her.

And so did she…
The melancholy lion lamented for the loss of his lioness,

But this ain’t permanent partition of the two,

Rather unification of two souls that never parted out of their willfulness…..

But the world ripped them apart..

Their worlds and their lives …!
Their love for each other shall live forever..

In some corner of their hearts,

There’d still be love,

Love for the memories two had together..

Love for the idea of themselves, when they were One……

Now that they’re kinda lost and trying to find themselves amidst the emotional  mess.. !
Irrespective of the tussles they faced,

The two weren’t estranged from each other..
Such is the power of true love, and

Such is the love that scarcely fades…❤

A Perfect, alluring love !

It’s a captivating story indeed,

A story, that should certainly make a part of the history …!

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