I’ll not desire 

I desperately yearned to write something to you…

I so wanted to strike a conversation with you…

But each time I saw you,

Each time you saw me,

The fear in me held me back,

I feared to take a single step,

Feared to utter a single word,

Feared that I might annoy you once again,

Feared that you might hate me,

Which is something I’d never want…!
No matter how hard I try,

I just can’t take a step because I feel,

Silence is better than hatred!

Indifference is better than destruction!

“Let going” being the only option,

Today or tomorrow,

I expect that I’ll become indifferent too…

I’ll not desire to write to you…

I’ll not desire to see you…

I’ll not desire that you see me…

And I’ll not desire to have a conversation with you..

But somewhere in some corner of my heart

I will still wait for you!

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