All I want 

Admiration or praise,
Fame or beauty,

Success or acknowledgement,

Nothing of these do I want..
Reverence or luxury,

The most beautiful and

Th finest of the things,

The most valuable things if offered to me,

Neither will I accept .

Nor do I desire!

Even if they do not cost a penny,

I do not wish to possess any of these!
All I want is sanctity..

A Sanctified heart, body and mind,

An instrument ready for the lord’s use.

All I want is a heart that doesn’t have the least desires to sin,
A mind that doesn’t have the least tainted thoughts.

If this demands any suffering of me,

I shall readily endure,

If it costs something to gain these,

I’d be ready to pay.

Even if it demands to lose something,

I shall readily lose.
All I desire is to embrace the small crosses of my life,

As lovingly as Jesus embraced his one hefty cross for the sake of the whole of mankind.
I want to do this for the love of my life.
All I want is to live according to his will.

Fulfill his dreams and live his divine plans.

Be filled solely by his presence,

And never even feel the need to have anything he doesn’t want me to own!
How I dread to hurt him in consciousness,

Out of mere helplessness and no other recourse !

I dread the very moment I realise I’ve hurt him by my actions, words or thoughts !

And how I wish I could pull off the sin instincts by its roots that are embedded deep within every human being,

Deep within the human ME…!

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