An incredible “THIS” ! 

I’ve fallen for the wisdom and knowledge you possess ..

I’ve fallen for your understanding, intellect….

I’ve fallen for your personality..!
Oh how I envy thee sometimes .. !

You’re just you..

And none can replace you…!!
No matter for how, long I try to be like you…

I just can’t be YOU !

coz you are YOU !

And none can replace you..!
If only I could grab one quality of yours… !

If only I could ask of you, and you could lend me…. !
You’ve got something that even if you intend to offer…

You just can’t.

Coz that’s something unique

Something that can’t be bought.

Something that can’t be passed on.
It’s just with you.

And none, except you, can relish this…

None except you can benefit from this….

THIS, is what you have … !

I do not know what you call “THIS” …
Whatever this is,

That you have,

And no one else except you has,

Is just incredible..and

Is a blessing indeed…. ! 😇😇

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