Fatal attraction

Every time you looked at me

You made me conscious of my actions

Each time you looked at me

And gave that adorable smile

I fell for you more and more.

Each time I looked at you

My heart couldn’t stop wanting you.
My mind couldn’t stop thinking you

From the moment I have known you.

It’s been really hard to convince my mind not to think of you

So often and so deeply.

So much that I fail to acknowledge the things that are here and now

And those that demands my attention.

When you’re around,

Everything else becomes

Blurred and insignificant

All that I see is you and me

All of my pains for a moment cease to exist

All my worries disappear for the moment.
It’s a beautiful feeling

Though, it aint love.

I know this aint love.

Because I have been told that love can’t just happen so quick

If this aint love

What could this be??

Mere Fatal attraction!

Yes I call this fatal attraction!

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