When I look back few years from now

There were things that happened which I had least expected

Where I thought I’d be unable to do something,

I see myself pursue it now

Where I was uncomfortable with the idea of something

Now I take delight in it.

Where I thought I wouldn’t be able to stand the storms of life,

Now, I feel proud for having managed to sail to the shore.

There are things I never thought I’d do

But circumstances made me do all of that.

I cried for people whom I loved

Not knowing that they’re the ones who wouldn’t even acknowledge my existence.

I regretted on having taken certain decisions

It is now that I realised that I was wise enough to do that!

Took certain decisions

For which I still regret!

How true it Is to say that

“life is not a bed of roses”

We are to experience joy as well as pain

Just like a rose that comes with its thorns.

Every incident in life, every person who comes in our life is either a real blessing or a blessing in disguise!

Nothing is a curse I believe.

Probably there would be more such moments,

Some that I’ll cherish while

Some that’ll cause me pain.

Sometimes I feel that, the joy of having realised my potential and strength to withstand the agonies is much more than the pain I undergo during my tough times…

Sometimes the joy of being loved by someone i don’t love

Is so much more than the pain I bear on losing those people I love…

If only my mind could erase by itself, the memories that make me weep…

If only I could treasure all the beautiful moments in my heart …

If only I could understand a person’s “love” worthiness…!!!!


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