They’re so in love

Never have I known a young man

So dedicated and loyal to his sweetheart

His eyes constantly wanna see her

His ears incessantly wanna listen to her voice

His arms are desperate to embrace her.

His love for her girl is so profound and pure

His heart is so longing to be with her…!

Scared he is, of losing her

For she is his only weakness!

She is the only person he loves to talk most with.

She is the only one about whom he’d love to converse.

She is the only one with whom he wanna spend his entire life with…

Indeed both are fortunate enough to find each other

Fortunate enough to love each other in their own uniqueness …

Fortunate enough to admire each other in their own faintness and strengths

And fortunate enough to have realised that they belong to each other.

Physical distances never mattered, not once!

Their togetherness matters!

And it is all that’ll matter at the end!

It is all that’ll count.

It is all that’ll call for the halt of their lonesome journey,

Where at times they felt were too far…

Though they weren’t ever far,

For they live in each other’s hearts,

And they complete each other’s lives!

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