Savior of my fading soul

​There was a time, when I was grief-stricken and lonely,
I had none by my side.
Had none to share my emotions with.
Had none to ask me my whereabouts.
The road on which I was travelling was covered with darkness
A road where there was no trace of brightness
Not a sole ray of light would come my way!
Frightened was I, to take one more step,
For I feared I would fall miserably
Because hardly could I see the road lying ahead of me.
And none would be there to hold me.
Deserted and distraught I was.
Desperately waiting for a guardian angel,
Who’d save my afflicted soul from perishing.
Waiting, for a kind soul,
who’d agree to be my companion
Who’d accept me and like me the way I am.
Who’d love to have a little banter with me.
It was then that I met someone,
Who was somewhat the mirror image of someone I’d longed for.
Cheerful was he,
Who then handed out his cheerfulness to me.
It was he, who brought twinkles of happiness in my eyes…
Those eyes that had once, wept bitterly!
He indeed was my guardian angel.
For he cared for, counselled and stood by me.
He enlightened me with his wisdom and put forth, in front of me,
The realities of life and the world that I knew barely!
Indeed he was my guardian angel.
The one who altered my mentality, amended my philosophies and drove me into a new horizon of thinking.
The one who left no stone unturned to make me strong and the least flawless.
In every storm, he stood by my side
Every time I needed him, he’s readily been there for me.
My life almost took a spin,
The moment he walked into my life,
A life that was wretchedly grim!
Fortunate was the moment and blessed am I
For the lord sent me a wonderful angel,
At the right time, at the right place!
An angel who came as the saviour of my fading soul!

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