Eternal lover

Beautiful is the one I adore,
with all my heart and my mind!
Wonderful are his deeds! Compassionate and loving is he.
The one who treats me like his princess…! He fulfils all my wishes,
Provided they are not detrimental to me…The moment I call upon his name
He’s there to guide, assist and be with me…
He keeps me away from all that can hurt and break me forever…
Innumerable times I’ve failed him,
Still he treats me like a princess!
Each time my hands start slipping off his,
He pulls me closer to him.
He consoles me, when I am hurting.
He always makes me feel his constant presence and his unfathomable love!
A love that I do not merit!
Each time I sought for human love and company,
I realised I was devaluing his most prized love,
And the relationship we’ve held for long.
In my faintness and my strengths
I’ll always look up to him, my beloved.
Who’s always waiting for me, to remember him, talk to him…
He’s my light and my strength in darkness
My path during the daylight….
The only path which grants me the desires of my heart, and much beyond that.
The one who bestows pleasure to my soul!
O how sweet it is to experience his boundless, unconditional love!
His love is the one that will never perish,
His love is the one that won’t fade away with time,
The only love, that feels mightier than the mountain, deeper than the sea, splendid than the galaxies…
A love that has no expiration!
He’s the alpha and the omega…He is the only truth,
That sets me free from fatal bondages And insufferable twinges.
He’s my goal and the reason for my existence!
He’s the eternal lover of my soul,
He’s the reason why I’ll sing and rejoice all my life,
Doesn’t matter which storms I face,
Doesn’t matter how weary I grow,
He was,he is,And he’ll always be my lover…
My eternal lover…!

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