​Yes, memories can enslave you !  

This morning when i woke up,
Got engaged in my daily routine
I realised that today, there’s something uncommon …atypical!
Not because of any external factor…Rather it had something to do with my heart.. My innermost being ♥
I wondered whats so unusual about this day…
I suppose there’s some miracle happened the previous night..
Suddenly I experienced a kind of peace ✌ that I hadn’t experienced for days…which was forgotten, for I didn’t come across it for some while….!
Its just like, you tend to forget someone… till the day, the person comes across you and , you’re flooded with his memories…!
I no longer  feel the pain i used to suffer whenever i replayed those memories in my head or even if they came without my prior knowledge! ….
None of them could make me nostalgic anymore..!
They do not push me anymore into the ocean of grief…!
I was suddenly at peace, My heart was load free….
Everything that once, stole my bliss,
At once became insignificant !
I call it a miracle cz I remember it was just yesterday night, that i wept while I was reminded of the moments.. The memories …!
Its a new feeling that i do not want to let go.. If I let go, i’d be Lost and miserable all over again!
Don’t know for how long i’l be able to hold on to this pleasure …
For now, the only reason for my contentment, only reason for my joy is that
I am no more a slave of my memories..!

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