​Beneath the cross

Beneath thy cross o lord

I stand in awe,
Gazing at your unconditional love and perseverance,
And ransom, for the entire human race!

Beside you o Mary,
Mother of my beloved!
I stand amazed,
Contemplating the sorrow you endureth as you see your beloved son,
Innocent and flawless though,
Hanging on the cross!

I stood there dumbstruck,
Watching an obedient son and a humble, selfless mother.
Obedient to the extent that he hugged his own cross!
Selfless to the extent of giving away her very own son
Whom she bore for months!
Submitted themselves to the will of god,
Sacrificed each other, for the sake of the scripture…
Sacrifices, which are way beyond human apprehensions…

All of it, for the manifestation of his divine plans!

Indeed blessed are you among all women and
Blessed is the fruit of your womb

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